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A Global Problem

Counterfeit products are an issue for all branded manufacturers, especially bearings. They exist within all geographical markets, and industrial segments and for all types of mechanical components.

Counterfeit products are usually produced at a low-cost and low-quality, and are not well-developed and tested for product reliability. They are illegally labelled and marketed with a reputable brand, placed in packaging that appears identical to genuine packaging used by the brand owner.

Counterfeit products are not easily identified, and unsuspecting customers tend to purchase these products at the same price as genuine products. Most importantly, these customers face serious risks as the products may cause machinery breakdowns, costly production stoppages and injuries to people.

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SLS supplies the original products and offers proper installation and maintenance by experienced technical staff upgraded with latest product knowledge and officially trained by the Brand Manufacturers.

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The company increased their vendors from 32 to 52 and introduced direct shipments from the USA to Mongolia. They started a supply logistic contract with a Mongolian freight forwarder and expanded their warehouse to improve safety. They also sent two national engineers for training abroad. They provided support for the development of a Mongolian company called Mergen chadvar LLC which became their distributor. Mergen chadvar LLC is building a warehouse in Khanbogd soum, providing jobs for local residents.