Services Consultancy
A Team of Experienced Engineers and Technical Staff committed to Excellence, working closely with your maintenance team to Create Advantage for Your Success through efficiency and cost control.

Plant Shutdown Consultancy

  • Site advisory role to ensure correct procedures are practised on-site
  • Consultation on bearing related selections and tolerances
  • Provide total solution for scheduled annual shutdown from single task job to
    complete outsourcing contract
  • Provide special tools and measuring gauges
  • Re-engineering on short-life cycle parts and obsolete parts
  • Warehouse Management

The Advantages of using Consulting Services

  • Reduce downtime and improve machine availability
  • Minimise lead time for special or obsolete parts from OEM
  • Minimising premature failure of machines with installation change to being completed with proper tools and equipment following correct procedures.
  • Avoid ownership cost of special tools and equipment that are rarely used
  • Advice on proper storage of bearings to reduce inventory cost
  • Planned replacement of parts allowing time to source for cost effective parts with
    higher grade of material, design and features. This would extend and prolong
    machine life cycle by replacing parts with higher grade of material, design or
  • Provides your Maintenance Staff with Product knowledge, Installation and
    Maintenance skills

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