People Excellence

At SLS, we understand the importance of hiring the right people, internationally and locally, to deliver results worldwide.

Our Commitment for People Excellence

We value the individuals and know the importance of our commitment towards constant improvement. We have in place policies and processes that motivate, inspire and invigorate our staff to share our values for excellence.

We empower our people to deliver their absolute best and get more satisfaction from their jobs. Driven by passion and creativity, our people deliver a great customer experience that creates advantage to the success of their business.

SLS Bearings (S) Pte Ltd, the Headquarters, is certified with Singapore People Developer Standard since 2003. It is conferred by SPRING Singapore as an recognition to organizations that invest in their people and have a comprehensive system to manage the development of their people.

SLS Bearings (S) Pte Ltd has been awarded the bizSAFE Level 3 status in 2014 by WSH Council for achieving good Work Safety and Health Management Systems and its Risk Management Implementation has been audited by an MOM approved WSH auditor.